In the face of the international health emergency due to the pandemic caused by the Covid 19 coronavirus, the different administrations have taken measures to support the maritime business, ship owners, agencies, crew and all interested parties.


Panama Flag Administration allows to all Approved Recognized Organizations that are acting on behalf of them to facilitate the service for the clients establishing different options according to their needs.


In this matter the following situation can be manned directly by RO:


a) Postpone / Extend all surveys, audits and inspections for a period of three (3) months, subject to a subsequent revalidations or reinstatement of the correspondent certificate, therefore:

1. The RO shall ensure that all statutory certificates remain valid using remote surveys or visit whenever is possible. However, in those cases that a remote survey or visits are not possible to be carried out, the RO is authorized to maintain the validity of the statutory certificate for the grace period aforementioned.

b) Annual services of life saving appliances and firefighting equipment’s with due date between March and May 2020 are allowed for an immediate extension valid for one month subject to agreement of the RO.

c)Ship-owners/operators of those ships currently holding a Conditional Certificate related to a deficiency or damage onboard, shall contact the Administration if the necessary malfunction, repair or administrative related matter is not possible to rectify, carry out or be provided including the supporting evidence of each case shall be sent to


Complete lists of services that can be postpone or extended are detailed on the MMN-07-2020 issued by Panama Flag Administration.

MEMORANDUM No. AD-004-2016

Please be informed due to the Panamanian National Holidays, this office will be closed from Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016 to Friday, November 4th, 2016 and return on Monday, November 7th, 2016.


In case you need to contact the Technical Department for any situation you can reach us at any time:


Technical Department:


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MMC-272-(Revised) Exclusive Surveyors

  • The purpose of this Circular is to kindly inform this Administration has adopted the Resolutions MSC.349 (92) and MEPC.237(65) through Resolutions 106-OMI-135-DGMM, 106-OMI-136-DGMM and 106-OMI-137-DGMM, due to the entry into force of the Code for Recognized Organizations (Ro Code) 1 of January 2015 we would like to clarify the procedure to be followed in case of hiring non-exclusive surveyors and the procedure for reporting exclusive surveyors.

Recognized organization shall request authorization to the Administration in case by case basis through Segumar Offices.

All recognized Organization has the obligation to submit to Segumar Office the list of the Exclusive Surveyors duly approved by them. Every amendment or at the request of the Administration.


MMC-245 (Revised)  Authorized Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) transiting High

                    Risk Areas.

  • This Technical Note has the purpose to present the final list of Private Maritime Security Companies (PMSC) authorized by this Administration to offer their services as Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel onboard Panamanian flagged vessels transiting High Risk Areas with the new exclusions
  • The Panama Maritime Authority has recognized companies as PMSC which are authorized to grant the use of security, armed or unarmed personnel on board the Panamanian flag vessels to transit exclusively in High Risk Areas, which are described in our MMC 230


MMC-191 (Revised)  ONLINE Application System & Application Forms

  • New system has been implemented by Panama Flag Administration in order to provide a better service to the users of the Registry.

The users can place their request through the following link:, and will be able to fulfill electronic application to request the Certificates issued by Segumar Offices around the world.

A tutorial video is available to show the step by step the whole processes of application through the platform.


MMC-275 Regulation 3.2 Food and Catering (attached)

  • Shipowners shall ensure that seafarers hired as cooks on board a ship, are trained for that purpose and have the qualifications and competences required for such position, for which completion of the training course recognized by the Panama Maritime Authority is required and must cover practical cookery, food and personal hygiene, food storage, stock control, environmental protection and catering health and safety.

Panama states the situation of they will recognized the training courses.

The circular is itself explanatory.

MMC-303 Dispensation of Cook’s Course  (attached)

  • General Directorate of Seafarers has established new dispositions according to regulation 3.2 Standar A 3.2 of MLC2006.

The Maritime Administration has decided to grant a DISPENSATION LETTER, to those cooks holding a ship’s coo training course certificate issued or approved by a Maritime Administration that doesn’t comply with the requirements established on paragraph 4 of circular MMC-275.

Panama Maritime Authority Circular DGGM-UCYC-006-2016 (attached)

  • The purpose of this circular is to inform all Recognized Organization that they need to replace ILO 68 references to the Food and Catering matters stating in the CICA Certificate because with the MLC2006 was replaced those requirements and extended.

The CICA certificate was modified stating “Rule 3.2. of Maritime Labour Convention, MLC 2006”, and the surveys onboard will be taking in count this requirements.

This entered into force on April 3rd, 2016

IMR-CICA-I  Interim Crew Accomodation Certificate modified attached.



  • Amendments to regulations 2 and 13. Changes to Definitions. (Attached MEPC.258(67))

MEPC 65 agreed to the conclusion by the Tier III NOx Review Correspondence Group the engines fuelled solely by gaseous fuels e.g. pure LNG, should be required to comply with the provisions of regulation 13 of MARPOL Annex VI.

It was agreed that the scope of the regulations 2 and 13 is to be extended to also include gas fuelled engines MEPC 67 revised the definition of “Marine Diesel engine” as given by regulation 2.14 to which regulation 13 applies. In addition, a gas fuelled engine installed on a ship on a ship constructed on or after 1 March 2016 or a gas fuelled additional or non-identical replacement engine installed on or after that date is also considered as a marine diesel engine.

Paragraph 7.3 of regulation 13 was replaced.


Regulation 2: All candidate gas engines on ships constructed on or afte the relevant ECA-NOx date or additional/non-identical replacement engines installed on or after those dates as applicable. Gas engines and engines which use of dual fuel are already covered.

Regulation 13: Candidates engines on ships constructed 1.1.1990 – 31.12.1999 which have been so altered from their original condition that the AM in respect of engines in their original condition does not now apply.

  • Amendments to Supplement to the IAPP Certificate.    (Attached MEPC.258(67))

Some updates to MARPOL Annex VI resulted to the consequential change to the certification form.

In order to fully and correctly record the NOx certification status of the engines installed on ships and to clearly give why a particular Tier of certification has been applied, 2.2.1 of the Supplement was revised. The amendment to the certificate also addresses shipboard incinerators, 2.5 of the supplement.

Application: All ships subject to MARPOL Annex VI certification (ships engaged in the international voyages of 400GT including offshore structures).


IMR-IAPP-FORM  –  Supplement to the IAPP certificate is attached to be used for the

following surveys.


  • Amendment to Regulation 43. Use and carriage of HGO in Antarctic Area (Attached MEPC.256(67))

While use (as fuel) and carriage (as cargo) of HGO was prohibited in the Antarctic area by MARPOL Annex I regulation 43, there was a case where a ship carried HGO as ballast.

An amendment to the regulation has been made to clarify that carriage, even as ballast, is prohibited.

Application: Ships operating in the Antarctic area from the date of entry into force.


  • Amendments to the Appendix on criteria for the identification of harmful substances in packaged form. (Attached MEPC.257(67))

At the joint meeting of RID Committee on Transport of Dangerous Goods in Geneva it was decided to exclude class 7 radioactive materials as defined by the IMDG Code rom Environmental Hazard Substance (EHS) provisions as it is difficult to differentiate between the environmental effects resulting from the chemical hazards posed by such substances and those related to radioactivity.

The first sentence of the Appendix to Annex III of MARPOL was revised. The replacement text excludes radioactive material from the list of harmful substances identified in the Appendix. The meaning of radioactive was clarified by inserting footnote referring to the IMDG Code.

Application: All ships carrying harmful substances in packaged form from 1 March 2016.



Recently IMR sastisfactorily passed its annual ISO 9001:2008 external verification by accredited certification body Global Group.

Global Grup, lead auditors conducted a rigorous verification on our quality system and the same resulted with satisfactory commendations.

Quiality certificate 85Q17284 was issued to International Maritime Register, INC. on 2016. With this annual verification we attested our conviction to assure quality services within a satisfactory time frame to our customers.

Thanks for uploading your file, very soon be processed