MMC-272-(Revised) Exclusive Surveyors

  • The purpose of this Circular is to kindly inform this Administration has adopted the Resolutions MSC.349 (92) and MEPC.237(65) through Resolutions 106-OMI-135-DGMM, 106-OMI-136-DGMM and 106-OMI-137-DGMM, due to the entry into force of the Code for Recognized Organizations (Ro Code) 1 of January 2015 we would like to clarify the procedure to be followed in case of hiring non-exclusive surveyors and the procedure for reporting exclusive surveyors.

Recognized organization shall request authorization to the Administration in case by case basis through Segumar Offices.

All recognized Organization has the obligation to submit to Segumar Office the list of the Exclusive Surveyors duly approved by them. Every amendment or at the request of the Administration.


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