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In the face of the international health emergency due to the pandemic caused by the Covid 19 coronavirus, the different administrations have taken measures to support the maritime business, ship owners, agencies, crew and all interested parties.


Panama Flag Administration allows to all Approved Recognized Organizations that are acting on behalf of them to facilitate the service for the clients establishing different options according to their needs.


In this matter the following situation can be manned directly by RO:


a) Postpone / Extend all surveys, audits and inspections for a period of three (3) months, subject to a subsequent revalidations or reinstatement of the correspondent certificate, therefore:

1. The RO shall ensure that all statutory certificates remain valid using remote surveys or visit whenever is possible. However, in those cases that a remote survey or visits are not possible to be carried out, the RO is authorized to maintain the validity of the statutory certificate for the grace period aforementioned.

b) Annual services of life saving appliances and firefighting equipment’s with due date between March and May 2020 are allowed for an immediate extension valid for one month subject to agreement of the RO.

c)Ship-owners/operators of those ships currently holding a Conditional Certificate related to a deficiency or damage onboard, shall contact the Administration if the necessary malfunction, repair or administrative related matter is not possible to rectify, carry out or be provided including the supporting evidence of each case shall be sent to


Complete lists of services that can be postpone or extended are detailed on the MMN-07-2020 issued by Panama Flag Administration.

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