IMR can help in the obtainment of the following documents that are issued by the Administrations we represent:

Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR): upon ship’s entry into the registry, to amend the existing one or to obtain one upon cancellation from registry.

Authorizations: for Ship urging an approval by the Administration on a outstanding conditions condition to be solved in a next port of call.

Exemptions: of items to be exempted as permitted by IMO regulations under certain conditions.

Extensions: of validity of a certificate as permitted by IMO regulations due unforeseeable reasons.

Minimum Safe Manning Certificate (MSMC): when obtaining the first one after registering the ship on amendment of the existing one.

Single Voyage Permit: to allow a voyage under special conditions.

Crew Dispensations: for special conditions to be allowed on board under ILO regulations.

Declaration of Company Security Officer (CSO): formal declaration of Company and DPA to the Administration as per ISM Code.

Re-Issuance of Certificates: Such as Tonnage, ISSC, CSR, MSMC, due to damage o loss.

Our diligent Staff will guide you for expedite obtainment of the above documents.

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