IMR will thoroughly check ship’s plan, manuals and booklets having the corresponding IMO Regulations as a reference and will propose amendments, corrections or updated if applicable, for final approval.

Ship Managers Technical Departments are under continuous stress and scheduled datelines due to the commercial pressure of today’s shipping business. There are constant changes and new IMO Regulations difficult to be tracked on a daily basis in order to update your whole fleet mandatory technical manuals and booklets.

IMR will provide guidance on latest regulatory developments in order to avoid your fleet to be carrying old dated non-compliant documents.

IMR is authorized to approve the following manuals and plans of the Maritime Authorities we represent:

  1. Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan (SOPEP)
  2. Cargo Securing Manual (CSM)
  3. Fire Control and Safety Plan (FCP)
  4. Damage Control Plan (DC)
  5. Stability Booklet (SB)
  6. Ship Security plan (SSP)

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